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Be a part of our bright, young and growing Oraclestartup team

Oraclestartup provides Job oriented Training to the needy and deserving youth, who wants to build his/her Career in Database Administration. This offer is mainly for the Candidate/Professional who did not get a chance to work in core IT industry due to lack of opening.

After You Done With Your Training.

Tech Screening

You will be having a technical screening on the course which you pursued us. We will analyze your technical skills, Communication skills & confidence level. Once you get qualified with this, we will move on to the next phase.

Resume Preparation

We will provide you the sample resumes with which you need to prepare blueprint of your resume, as per current market needs to compete with others and we will assist you further in all aspects while finalizing your resume.

Marketing Overview

You will be having a special session on the marketing strategies of your resume, how it goes into the market, how you need to answer the calls, differences between Client & vendor and so on……. will be explained to you in detail.

Mock Interviews

This is the final stage where your resume will get forwarded to our recruiters for marketing. They will take Mock interviews & give you some interview tips.(This is to let you know that we will provide 100% assistance in clearing the interview calls and provide you more interviews till u crack the final one).

 Training Highlights  at SHA Infotech

* IT training in all technologies (online & class-room).
* Real-time Job support.
* Advanced concepts with career advancement planning.
* Resume and Interview preparation.
* Marketing and Job placement with our existing clients.
* Tech support to perform day to day activities of your Job.
* Training for Certification examination preparation.
* Customized 1-on-1 courses to deal with specific needs.
As the world becomes more and more digital, technology is changing the face of IT education. In the past, students signed up for classes and went to education centers to learn. While today’s students can still go to a classroom if they prefer, it’s becoming more and more popular to take training on digital devices, including desktops, laptops and tablets. Plus, it’s now possible to access lab environments and classroom materials on those same machines. When done right, the move to digital learning provides more people with greater access to the best instruction from top instructors, with content that is fresh, thorough and up to date. SHA Infotech uses latest instructional design methods for online Oracle Training.

The Advantages of  Online Training  

  • The expert instructions are same as normal classroom training.

  • Contents are same for both.

  • Money and time can be saved.

  • Online training is served best for co-workers across multiple locations.

  • Classes available both day and night

  • Lab can be accessed for full duration of class.

Technical Requirement for   Online Training  

  • Ability to install software and plug-ins

  • Telephone headset or speakerphone

  • Operating System

  • High-speed Internet connection

  • Browser

So at last it can be said that the advantages of online training are that there is no travelling cost and users can attend class at their convenience.